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I dwell
In the absence
You left behind

do we have the right
to be called human
just because we know
how to conceal our nudity?

there's the sea
there's the sky
the moon and the wind too
a picture perfect setting

Demean not your body
Given to you
For a divine purpose!

It has been telling me
Many a tale
Of woe and joy
In infancy

After dancing on the nightly lips
Dreams melt in
The unrealized passion of the night

When my eyes

For the first time

Under a sky
That never touched
The earth

That which allows one
To stay put amidst chaos
That's peace

How does one define separation?
What does one mean by separation?
Is it when breath is severed from the body?
Is it when the court of law declares 'divorced? '

in the seas of your eyes
i see the reflection of
the sun rise and
the sun set

Unexpected thunders
Rolling and flowing as
Sweetest music

Our foot prints
On the dark damp sands
Of last evening
Rushed upon my heart

We played and played
Hours days months years
You went your way
And I went my way

Rain on tinned roof
Rain on concrete
Rain soaking into sands
Rain on soft earth

No, he didn't utter a word

Raised his hand in salutation

…and on that stilled night
in that balcony overlooking
the sea that seemed
to merge with the sky

(written when i was 12)

nobody tells us
where they go to

I’ve known reception
I’ve seen rejection

I’ve known how life gets reduced to a memory

Incessant rain through
Day and night left the landscape
An unending clothes-line

indira babbellapati Biography me writing poetry is strictly a business of the heart beyond the existential concerns of here and now... welcome to my pages...i'm grateful to all who read what i write and encourage me.)

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' A Poem That Woke Me Up! '

I dwell
In the absence
You left behind

That absence occupies me

I dabble
In the silence
You fill me with

That's my silent connect

This heart
Still sings
The moonlight sonata of yore

That silent score sustains me

My breath
Still draws in
The perfume dabbed on this skin

That silently nurtures hope in me

Every night
I bury tear for you
In my heart

That quenches my heart's thirst

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Ranjit Ravindran 17 September 2009

An angel of goodwill with childlike innocence, Lively and cheerfulness in abundance, Caring mother with great patience, Teacher by profession with exceptional brilliance, Poet at heart with supreme valiance, Translator of literature, Telugu by preference.

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Sivan P.G Menon 14 July 2008

Dear Indira.. Is exploitation…Oppression…. Misdemeanor.. a legacy? Men…its time we change … Head strong content of human right …social commitment… Relevant eternally… Crisp..Bold & hard hitting! ! ! Regards… Sivan..

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Jerry Hughes 16 July 2007

A sheer delight to read this taleted lady's work...

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ata khan 29 March 2009

I like how you listed your poems

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Images creep out of the ordinary in Ms Babbellapati's poems. Images imagined, real, surreal, of intense thought, and action simply take shape out of no where. Dreams, rains, monsoon, water drops from the roofs, waves, sea in action, nature, and fellow beings show up elsewhere. It's then only a matter of choice of words. She chooses them with utmost precision and leads us precisely to where she wants us to go.We then get lost in a world of its own design.

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Shahzia Batool 20 June 2012

.PROSE - words in their best order POETRY- the best words in their best order... S.T.Coleridge Ms. Babbellapati knows this art fully.She uses language most precisely and exploits all of the resources of language wonderfully in order to convey her meaning to the conscious reader.From the long mythical poems and series work to the short Senryus n haikus, her diction varies according to the ends she wishes to achieve. She decides it by the nature of the literary form, the subject n the style .Her poems sometimes serve as Idylls to describe a euphoric environment which is remotely attainable. Her pages are a welcome shelter away from the worries n woes of the my little contact i found her a learned person, an affectionate lady, n a wonderful poet..

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Allemagne Roßmann 08 October 2011

It has been transcending through a couple of odd years moving on towards the forefront of the third since the read on Miss Indira Babbellapati`s poems are spraying lemons on the sins of life and its dire consequences-sorrows, losses, gains, wins, passions, regrets in all allegories and rhetorics.The verses are also precise and lucid and therefore forays with all-from henchmen to bugbears, from learner to learned as we are all beaten slowly slowly from life to death.But in her poems the minds somehow feel be invested where damp squibs of daily life are turned with her touch into real and resplendent stuffs-truths so acidic and loaded with the contemptible art of cluttered expletives for me especially who is a lily-livered writer.But ever since i know is that the what i called a slice of life was never fulfilled until it guzzled up the dishes of Miss Babbellapati edge-on-the-seat where it starts and meanders.In German-ausgezeichnet and in English-outstanding.

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Patrick A. Martin 10 October 2009

Indir Babbellapati is a poet of distinction. A sculturess of the written word. When looking for gems that sparkle go to her page you won't be diappointed. Patrick A Martin

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Pitilosi Mdala 20 September 2009

I am so into sand sculpture

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