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Indoors by technology, outdoors by speedy transport
I travel the world
Today in Japan, tomorrow in Rome,
Next day by an ancient civilization or in Hawaii or Coast Ivory,

No earthquake, no thunder, no volcanic eruption
Or even there was not any of other natural calamities,
A sudden loud sound broke out all through the bush
With whizzing, shuddering, cracking, tearing, echoing,

As you see universally
There is a great fall
Let love stretch its hands being universal
To love and teach us to love all,

Ode To The Moon
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Usually after the sun's disappear

Ongoing the 21st century's free style massacre
The horrible morning has started there in Myanmar,
Satan is tormented by theses and has come down
To learn the massacring styles in special gown,

Modern Verse For The Railway
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Vertically they have gone to see the horizon

desert sucks upper water to store in the deep
trees, plants, herbs and grasses are about to die
sunshine reflects on mirages there
mirages elude and mislead the travelers,

If it is difficult to feel your mother
Hard to bear and uneasy to share
See only the animals around you
Relation between mother and cub

My heart carries out order is under
My brain, a stout controller, powerful
Had planned a complex project earlier
Sending order to do as potential;

The sun's turning pale is a threat, in fact
That directly affects solar system
The climate has already been much changed
With known-unknown, acute poisonous fume;

What civilization you do draw, man!
Enlightening some too little candles,
Beneath centuries' deep darkness is seen
Which is engulfing your own existence;

The green village, the colored city, the ever familiar locality
Each path, tree, house, turn, each native I have left behind
But creepers, hedges have entangled with my leg and hand
The green crops fields, green hills, fruit trees, call me back,

Ever rounding
And ever full
With beings, objects
For each and all the subjects,

My house is near a sea
The sea is my neighbour
I understand the sea
But the sea does not understand me,

Ode To A Poet

Hey poet!

During the spring in my riverine country
Green is every big and small tree,
Soft is every blade of grasses on soil
Cute is every mole and hill;

Coming out of home I see some land and much water all around
Full with wonderful animals, plants, myriad of natural objects
Some I can name and some I can't, some near and some are so far
Some open, some covered, some sweet again some are so bitter,

A lifelong process
That lifelong obsesses
With lifelong failure
Or lifelong success,

Bangladesh - An Acrostic Verse
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
B angladesh, a delta plain country on the Bay of Bengal is geographically,

From my cradle up to he breathes last
Being a shadow against the sun,
A brightening star from the dusk,
The real glorious at dawn

Muzahidul Reza Biography

Harmful things, objects, elements, terms and conditions to self, to other, to mankind, to creations, to creatures, to environment, to earth, to universe and to any; again, weapons, wars, violence, chaos, crimes, corruptions, hypocrisy, cheating, degradation to mankind cause him much shocked since his early student life. Since his early student life he hopes that human beings will be on rationality, legality, honesty, sincerity, justice, neutrality, well thoughtful, peace loving with all positive and good qualities, virtues. They will be helpful, benevolent, well wishers, well thinkers to each other and one another. They will be thoughtful of the world, the universe, the creations, the creatures and their Creator. They will be virtuous and free from all vices, guilts, ill and evil thoughts and activities, hatred, greed, envy, enmity, bestiality and what not. But what he observes are quite opposite pictures and features. Human beings draw all sad and evil pictures and features with all black colors having all negative vices, traits, vicious, dangerous, harmful, dreadful, destructive, murderous thoughts and activities. They discover, invent and make dreadful weapons, tools, harmful technologies, ill plans, ill diplomacy, evil cultures and conditions, hypocritical and cheating affairs and objectives wasting huge assets, money to destroy, massacre others and even themselves, their earth, the universe. On the other hand, when they waste huge properties playfully, a large numbers of human beings in many areas of the world pass days without basic needs. When he was in primary school, he came to know the Liberation War of his Motherland in which lots of innocent, civil people were killed mercilessly. When he was high school student, he read details of the two gigantic World Wars, Crimean War, Vietnam War, etc. and the horrible impacts on innocent mankind, environment and climate. Afterwards, he watched on screen and came to know much about the Gulf Wars, Iraq, Afghan and etc. Wars most of which were forceful and wrong information based. And what (wars, violence, chaos, crimes, murders, massacre, degradation to mankind) have been happening in Palestine by Israel, in Myanmar by Myanmar government, military and civil people as well as in many other places in the world. His many poems are the output of all those shocked experiences. Mediterranean Girl's War Phobia is one of those. The short note of the poem Mediterranean Girl's War Phobia is given below: Mediterranean girl is a symbolic figure who lives around the Mediterranean Sea whose surrounding countries are mostly, partly or fully destroyed for illegal (forceful and on wrong information based) wars, invasions, massacres, violence, intrigues, ill diplomacy and so on. The Gulf Wars, e. g., Iraq and Afghan wars are some examples. Also many countries around the world have been afflicted with the curses of illegal, forceful wars, destructions, murder, massacres, violence, chaos, crimes, corruptions, discriminations, what not. For the abuses of powers; heavy and chemical weapons; atom, hydrogen bombs not only human beings are massacred but also civilizations, nature are severely destroyed. The two gigantic World Wars are two examples. Destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the two fiery examples where heavy and dreadful atom, hydrogen bombs, were horribly burst to massacre the whole areas. The impacts of wars are still causing there seriously. And also many wars from time to time here and there were and are launched. Most of these wars were and are illegally being launched only for massacring and destroying. Even in the running 21st century humans are facing brutal massacres in Myanmar, Turkey, Palestine, and in many other countries in the world. Wars, weapons, violence, massacres not only finish humans, civilizations, nature but also pollute the environments severely and bring serious harmful effects for long periods on future generations and the entire world. Weapons, wars, destructions, corruptions and other related things, agents are but man made curse and havoc for finishing themselves physically, psychologically and spiritually. To the poet, it is high time humans should understand; otherwise, they are the terrorists in Creator's universe, and it will be too late. Muzahidul Reza, also known Muzahid Reza, a poet and writer of Bangladesh was born in the village Charaihatee of Mohangonj, Rajibpur in Kurigram District, located in the North Bangle (Northern part of Bangladesh) , in March,1978. He is the 2nd among five brothers and two sisters. His father's name is M. A. Mozid Miah, an educated, brave, honest, religious person who passed his life through diversities of jobs, services, businesses. He also served as home maker; in this field he used to set deep and shallow tube wells which brought him much fame, name and means. As a social worker and farmer he advanced much. His Father died on 29th March,2012. Muzahidul Reza is much inspired by his father. His mother's name is Moriam Begum. She was an ideal, religious, helpful, careful, gentle woman. She was much concerned of her sons and daughters though they all are established now. She was fond of village living. She sometimes visited her children's houses in towns and cities. While visiting she advised them much. She died on 5th February,2020. Her passing away leaves Muzahidul Reza in the most saddest ocean where he is trying to ashore. From the deep of heart he always prays to Almighty Allah for her soul's salvation. May Allah place her in the Highest Heaven. Education: Muzahidul Reza thinks human beings' whole life is educational life. From cradle to grave they directly or indirectly have to learn and earn knowledge for further life and life ahead.. Without knowledge they cannot do much. So, for being humans (male and female) both must learn, earn and need knowledge, ……… Muzahidul Reza has completed Highest University Degrees, Master's Degrees on English Literature and Language as well as on Education (B. Ed. & M. Ed.) . At School & College levels he studied Science, Arts, Geography, Religion, Logic, Psychology, Philosophy, Politics and other sections of knowledge. He is still learning and earning knowledge on various sections and branches …………………… Literary Life: From high school level he began to start writing poems and short stories on nature, environments, animals, humans, on human feelings, on society, country, world, and universe. In high school life he was awarded for writing good poems in various local poetry competitions and soon he became familiar as a good poet. But he was not regular writer while studying in college and university for being busy in studies. At these levels he wrote occasionally. Now, he is a teacher. As a teacher in Bangladesh he has to be busy in profession, in institution. Still he is writing on. He has discovered some POEM FORMS. Some of those are: 1. 'RARe Stanza': About RARe Stanza: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6 Lines Poem - Syllables Meter: 1-1-1-1-4-4 Rhyme Scheme: aabbca; ababca; aaaaba. RARe Stanza refers Right Angle Reza Stanza. Geometric Theoretical Explanation of ‘RARe Stanza' The 1st 4 (1-1-1-1) lines stand on the last 2 (4-4) lines, At the joining point, line No.4 and 5 there the 90º angle is generated; The 90º angle is known as Right Angle in Geometry. 2. 'RARe 2nd Stanza': About RARe 2nd Stanza: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6 Lines Poem - Syllables Meter: 2-2-2-2-6-6 Rhyme Scheme: aabbca; ababca; aaaaba. RARe 2nd Stanza refers Right Angle Reza 2nd Stanza. Geometric Theoretical Explanation of ‘RARe 2nd Stanza' The 1st 4 (2-2-2-2) lines stand on the last 2 (6-6) lines, At the joining point, line No. 4 and 5 there the 90º angle is generated; The 90º angle is known as Right Angle in Geometry. 3. 'Reza Syllabic Verse (Poems) ': About: Reza Syllabic Verse (Edited, Revised And Additional Version) : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6 lines poem - Syllables meter: 10 in the 1st line,9 in the 2nd,8 in the 3rd,7 in the 4th, 6 in the 5th and 5 in the 6th line (10-9-8-7-6-5) , Syllables may be stressed or unstressed. Rhyme scheme: iambic; ababcc; ababcd; abbacc; aabbcc The aabbcc will be Heroic Reza syllabic Verse. A simple refrain of 5th line may be as 6th line; if no refrain, the 6th line will be an individual one. 4. 5. There are many examples here in POEMHUNTER...... His some books are............. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.)

The Best Poem Of Muzahidul Reza

Mediterranean Girl's War Phobia

Indoors by technology, outdoors by speedy transport
I travel the world
Today in Japan, tomorrow in Rome,
Next day by an ancient civilization or in Hawaii or Coast Ivory,
I see, I observe human, nature, society, civilization, earth's form
Develop feelings with the people from country to country
Know their features, culture
I am not self; they, you and me together; friend and brother
I have nothing alone
We share what we have and to what we belong;

Climate and weather are not fit for long ways
Full of calamities, pollutions spread bitter, musty smell
Neither technologies nor transports work well
Idle times were idly passing along its ancient broadways;
Some long tiring and gloomy days later
A Mediterranean girl, whom I love, has sent me a long letter
In a grey-black envelop asking me to tell something
As if, shortly I make out a time;
I was neither indifferent nor interested
But the tension was tearing me for my friend;

Mesopotamia, the most ancient civilization
Is known not only to you and me but to everyone,
By it the basin of the Mediterranean Sea full of vast water
Around that line after line localities, spirited children's noisy tour
Know them, too, the people of the world
For them the kind obviously have empty space deep in mind;

To her writings, things changed a lot suddenly and horribly
Since we had met first near the green locality gaily,
Had observed people living there peacefully
Happiness, pleasure, contentment surrounded them heavenly;
Their every dream bloomed as flower
Spread fragrance everywhere;

She will tell me the reasons of so long gap
And what really were happening in fact,
That there were invasions and forcible wars so violent
Where exercising evil powers man shot man like pig,
Exploded heavy, dreadful atom, nuclear and various bombs
Used fatal chemical and poisonous weapons,
To destroy all the relics of the ancient civilizations,
To turn the green world into complete desert,
To abuse and pollute the other spheres
And they had aggressively, hypocritically succeeded
To draw magically black plots everywhere
So, here the rest of humans are living on sands forever;

She will also tell me how she lost everything
How extreme, hazardous troubles the country faced,
How the generations suffered and absolutely fell
How their blooming hopes and dreams were faded away,
Also that the whole world was against their cry
And now why she is quite dumb to say;

Her letter reminds me the chronological history of the wars
Before and after Christ around the human world,
How many kill how many no real statistics of that
And how much are destroyed no such real measures,
Human beings have seen the severe abuses of powers,
The savageries of wars and massacres,
Especially in the 1st and the 2nd two gigantic world wars, as well as
In various wars between armed and armless forces;

And what recently the world has thunderstruckly experienced
To which even the elements shed tears
No sooner had 20th century's bloody battle fields dried up
Than the wars in force, aggression, genocide, holocaust
In 21st century's early morning tormenting people began to walk
And broke world's all the past records in atrocities;
Thus, the destructions always faces the human world
Are chaos, wars, violence, massacres, miseries and loss,
All these curses cause them inborn pained
For some narrow minded, dull headed and brutal natured leaders;

A time I will make out and a place choose soon
For our meeting and conversation,
However and from wherever does blow the melancholic air
My sail will bound for
The red-grey bough and red-ash-silver stream
Where all the oppressed souls crawl and scream;
I will also invite all human beings there
To share over which we are lamenting and shedding tears,
And to take part in centuries' smallest slogan:
'Fill the earth with peace; no chaos, no weapons, no wars, no pangs.'

Copyright © Muzahidul Reza │4 October,2016

Muzahidul Reza Comments

Dr Dillip K Swain 29 January 2018

Muzahidul Reza is an accomplished poet! His depth in English literature is commendable. I have read many of his poems replete with poetic devices which are extremely useful to the students and research scholars of English literature. Wish him a radiant future literary journey!

98 1 Reply
Farnes Pini 22 January 2018

A poet writes for humanity is great, I want to thank you dear poet, I have read many of your poems and found uses of merits in proper ways, it is great, to me yours writings are always wanted

69 2 Reply
D. Eti 26 November 2017

A poet is great in his / her writings / poems, how they present, what they include, and so on. From that aspects of view I see M. R. is a great humanitarian, nature, creatures, lover poet. I feel great interest in his writings

58 1 Reply
Sem Ralfh 23 September 2017

He is doing the works of great humanitarian from his great mind. I have read many of his works and seen: Early in the twenty first century morning No sooner had many got up and had breakfast Than began the eastern devastating and murderous storms Fiercely at speed and in powers Are lasting for long times non-stoppingly Murdering the victims and devastating the towers, The waves spread to the west, the north, the south And all over the world To shake all All are shaking yet. I will say it is great for the oppressed which are great heart's works

55 1 Reply
Sem Ralfh 06 February 2018

Muzahidul Reza is a great teacher of literature. His poems are motivational to well done, love for humanity, nature, creatures, creations. He has also invented a new form os poems namely Reza Syllabic Verse. It is a great invention I do think as he is a teacher of literature. I always read Muzahidul Reza's poems and learn much

47 2 Reply
Obia Nur 17 October 2023

Works of great talent amaze me

3 0 Reply
Phenomena Mena 05 May 2023

So many poems I have read written by you. I feel clear understanding, meaningful, on well background. Well done. Good writings. Go, poet, with these excellent activities

8 0 Reply
Sem Ralfh 25 March 2023

After a long gap I have come back to read you, dear poet. I can't feel well without reading you

6 0 Reply
Samia 02 October 2021

Your profile and works charm me very much, please, contact me

11 0 Reply
Luciana Santiagoluciana 02 October 2021

Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile, contact me or, meet me

12 0 Reply

Muzahidul Reza Quotes

We need real love To establish real peace As real peace origins from real love.

Help one in need, You shall be helped in time from any side.

Helping one in ill-doing, Felling self in corruption and crime.

A strange circle is circling Some passing, some following and some starting,

Overcoming Modern Troubles Need A Single Tackle Of Befriending

Our coming and going all alone facing lonely situation.

Protect nature as you are protected here.

Disparity is cured in unity

When all are for themselves, humanity is for a mere issue and sign.

Bloom you a rose for other

Difficult to be great one but easy to earn more features of human.

The life has failed to recover itself from pollution Not a life at all but always in every destruction.

But no one shall roam in the wilderness Everyone duly have respective business.

Everyone is free but no one is free.

Well words are ornaments

Friend is friend To friend no other trend.

Trees are empowered to be our suppliers Let's care of them as our family members.

Endanger not Fall in danger not, It is a trait Of being great With the muse of honesty.

Set The disqualified Meet All being corrupted In the hell of ignorant and culprit.

Come Corruptions Damn Developments In the hell of all pollutions.

Come Corruptions Damn Developments In the hell of all pollutions.

Bad seed Ill care No harvest.

I am not self; they, you and me together; friend and brother I have nothing alone We have all sharing all among;

I am neither indifferent nor interested But some tensions are tearing me for my friend.

As you see universally There is a great fall Let love stretch its hands being universal To love and teach us to love all, Love has a great power in its tender hands To touch with love and care of all.

When love will be universal Man of earth will be angel Angel in activities Human in realities.

But with the unexpected appearance of lions and tigers All the surroundings became instant silent and isolated All went away murmuring without a single looking back, The victorious were excited having got all easy victory But they found troubles to enjoy the whole empire lonely So there were roaring, shouting, blustering, threatening Of occupying empire, power, lordship and over lordship ‘Might is right' established in the ruleless bestial state.

desert sucks upper water to store in the deep trees, plants, herbs and grasses are about to die sunshine reflects on mirages there mirages elude and mislead the travelers.

trees distribute all the productions, yet stand still to shadow the tired travelers in mid summer and for creepers or parasites do not fall again enhance the nature.

Devils' consultations come All are but wrongly done.

Life is a running fountain Slowly, steadily or swiftly flows But does never cease.

Our children are our seeds, plants, seedlings Sow, plant and care of them in time.

Now problem is no problem But no problem is problem.

To know the past is to avoid the chaos.

when quick recovering is in need.. remedies are hardly to get

A love less heart is nothing but A barren land cursed by desert.

Man Of Chair Man Is Rare

In Hand Is Better Than In Bush

Name bears nothing If deeds do not bear good doing.

Be Buddy To The Needy

For The Greatest Interest Leaving Little Taste

Do everything for poor humanity Forget everything bestial nasty.

Time is the great healer to the right And heavy damn to false and hypocrite.

Turn off When you stupidly laugh, May befool some.

Focus When you do as the wise, May benefit some.

Confusion comes from two things Stupidity and misunderstanding.

Well solemnity Well ceremony are in Well celebrity.

Love for creature Is a loving feature Keep it In your great mind, It doesn't let torture Any creature, May be Even a donkey

The earth is a play ground Where the teams play by turn.

Pen is the first of creations Through which come educations.

Muzahidul Reza Popularity

Muzahidul Reza Popularity

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