Is Poem Hunter safe?

Absolutely yes! And here’s why. PoemHunter.Com is a non-profit website. Poems are published on it purely for educational purposes and with good intentions.

Visitors can create their accounts on PoemHunter.Com, submit their own writings and share them with all other poets, members and visitors. They have the right to submit as many as they wish of their poems as long as they don’t violate the rules of publication, such as posting pornography and sexually explicit content, sexual solicitation/Cybersex, copyrighted or plagiarized content, gruesome or excessive violence, illegal or harmful content, profanity, personal attacks, hate speech, etc.

Members on PoemHunter.Com have complete control of their accounts. They can add, remove or edit their content anytime they want. Members who wish to delete their accounts on PoemHunter.Com can do that easily from their profile pages, or they can contact us to do that on their behalf. We guarantee to fulfill such demands within 48 hours. (PoemHunter.Com reserves the right to investigate whether the person submitting that demand is authorized to do so or not).

Our poets, members, and visitors can reach out to our admins and editors anytime for any questions or demands they would have. The technical and editorial teams will be happy to receive any requests, reports, questions, or suggestions from our visitors on PoemHunter.Com.

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