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In the month of November, when the air turns crisp,
And the leaves fall gently, like a lover's whispered kiss,
The land is still dry, with no sign of rain,
Yet my heart yearns for it, like a sweet refrain.

I vow to you
To always stand by your side, through and through
Wherever you go, I will follow
Through joy and sorrow, through sun and hollow

Shadows gone in the sun's bright light
The day's too warm, the air too light
The sky so blue birds take to flight
Where shadows should be, a sudden blight

The sky, a canvas of monochrome,
As the sun bids its final farewell.
The world's colors have all been drained,
Leaving only shadows and shades to dwell.

The midnight sun in all its glory,
An endless day, a brand new story.
A crescent moon high in the sky,
As stars twinkle, up so high.

In the realm of divine love, I find solace,
Where my heart dances in eternal grace.
Oh, my beloved, the source of all light,
In your presence, my soul takes flight.

God, all of my days
In Your presence, I'll stay
You guide me with love and grace
In Your arms, I find solace and embrace

In a world where the ivcmpossible seems to abound,
I am the antithesis, the one who's unbound,
Where doubt and fear grip tightly, I remain unscathed,
For I am the embodiment of the unconquered and brave.

Rain falls heavily,
But no longer brings any use,
For the trees that have long died.

In this barren land,
I am a restless soul,
Longing for the rain that never comes,
A memory of times gone by.

In the stillness of life's icy embrace,
Where colors fade and breaths grow thin,
The world is hushed, a frozen space,
Where time stands still, and hope begins to wane.

In the depths of my soul,
A spark ignites,
A flame that grows bold,
A power that ignites.

In this world of glamour and show,
I am the one who prefers the unknown,
The one who finds beauty in the low,
The one who's never alone.

In the depths of my soul,
A darkness consumes,
Whispers of doubt and woe,
Echoes of past fumes.

In the depths of my heart,
A flame burns bright and true,
For a girl I've come to adore,
My heart beats for her anew.

Still I Rise

In the face of adversity,
I stand tall and unyielding,

In the stillness of my soul,
I find solace in the quiet.
The world outside may clamor loud,
But here, I am content to be mute.

Beneath the surface of my being,
Lies a world that's yet to be seen,
A canvas of emotions,
A symphony of thoughts unspoken.

Life is a book,
A tale yet untold,
Each page a chapter,
In this story we're told.

In the depths of my heart,
Where memories reside,
I ponder on times past,
And wonder if I should abide.

Noen Muti Biography

Aryanto Toabnani was born in Mauntaikleti on April 14 1998 in a small village in Mnesatbubuk village, Polen sub-district, South Central Timor regency. Since childhood, he has been interested in art and literature and enjoys reading from books stolen by his fourth older sister in the elementary school library.)

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Rainy November Reverie

In the month of November, when the air turns crisp,
And the leaves fall gently, like a lover's whispered kiss,
The land is still dry, with no sign of rain,
Yet my heart yearns for it, like a sweet refrain.

The days grow shorter, the nights longer and cold,
But there's a longing within me that cannot be controlled,
For it's not about summer, with its scorching heat,
But the promise of rain, bringing life so sweet.

The earth is thirsty, craving drops from above,
To quench its parched soil, to nurture and love,
The trees stand tall, their branches reaching high,
Awaiting the raindrops that will make them sigh.

The fields lie barren, devoid of vibrant green,
As if waiting for a miracle, a heavenly scene,
The flowers have withered, their petals all gone,
But hope still lingers, like a melodious song.

I gaze at the sky, so vast and so blue,
Hoping to see clouds forming, bringing something new,
But alas, it remains empty, devoid of any sign,
Leaving me in anticipation, yearning for what's mine.

November may be dry, but my spirit is not lost,
For I know deep inside that rain will come at any cost,
It may be delayed, but it will surely arrive,
To bring life back to the land and make it thrive.

So I wait patiently, with hope in my heart,
Knowing that soon enough the rain will impart,
Its gentle touch upon the earth's weary face,
Bringing joy and relief to every living space.

For November may be dry, but it's just a passing phase,
Soon enough the rain will come and set ablaze,
The dormant beauty that lies within this land,
And I'll dance in the raindrops, hand in hand.

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'If love is a bright torch, then kindness is an unquenchable fire. We may understand the importance of love, but we will truly experience the greatness of true love when we are able to show sincere and selfless kindness. Because in the end, kindness is the most authentic form of unbeatable love.'

I feel calm and free when no one knows me. I feel free when I see no one and nobody knows my name

Can see, can walk, can touch, can hear, can talk, can breathe. Why would I challenge God about justice? I am perfect because I am similar and in the same image as Him (God) .

Focusing on self-development is something better than working for a company and always looking like a pet dog

In the end, humanity's greatest success and achievement is achieving death and going to a new world of immortality

Young people now think that love can be proven by two sexes interacting with each other. They are blind to love and enslaved by their lust

Salus suprema Lex: violate the constitution if it is for the welfare of the people but not by carrying out dynastic politics

The principle of introverts is that it is better to be alone and dream of heaven than to be exposed in a mortal crowd

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