The Mystery Of Gravity Poem by Paul Hartal

The Mystery Of Gravity

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You stand quite firm on the ground and don't fly in the air
like the people in one of Magrite's enigmatic paintings.
The same force of gavity that keeps us quite reliably
on the ground, as Newton discovered,
made the apple fall from the tree
and keeps the Moon in orbit
preventing it falling onto the Earth.
Now, ccording to Newton's universal law of gravitation.
the gravitational force between two objects is proportional
to the size of their masses and inversely affected
by the square of their distance.

Einstein's idea
of the gravitational force is different,
since he attributes
it to geometry, to the curvature of spacetime.
But let us go back to the great British physicist.
Newton himself admitted that he did not understand
the nature of the gravitational force that he discovered.
He even said thet the idea of gravity was 'inconceivable'.
'That gravity should be innate, inherent and essential
to matter, so that one body may act upn another
at a distance', to me is 'a great absurdity', he pointed out.
In other words Newton did not know
what the force of gravity was.


Have we, the ordinary people? Newton admitted it openly. But he did very much say that he tried to analyse and understand the phenomenon.

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Ramesh T A 18 September 2023

By the interaction od galaxies the whole Universe existing by gravitation as a chain connecting all Stars! It's a greatest wonder of Nature in Space! Nce attempt to make a clear idea of gravitation in Space!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 September 2023

I regrad this poem as precious and very important, since we started to know the true meaning/theory of it AFTER having read this

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Sylvia Frances Chan 10 September 2023

I will not ask gain, but in my FIRST response, I wrote more and important things

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Sylvia Frances Chan 27 August 2023

I have commented on this excellent poem, but WHY is my response not here yet? So very pity, truly

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Tamara Beryl Latham 13 July 2023

You've incorporated both Newton and Einstein's view of gravity quite nicely in your poetic tribute. An enjoyable read that leaves the reader with a more in-depth view of the different viewpoints. Nice job!

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