Love, What Is Love Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson

Love, What Is Love

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LOVE - what is love? A great and aching heart;
Wrung hands; and silence; and a long despair.
Life - what is life? Upon a moorland bare
To see love coming and see love depart.

Michelle Claus 15 April 2014

When I read this poem, I feel despondent. Love, in this telling, is elusive for the poet. Bummer.

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Carlos Echeverria 15 April 2013

Love and life are one- fleeting, arduous.

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Meshack Bankole 15 April 2013

Good poetic definition of life & love. Nice art by louis

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mike oxlong 07 February 2022

it made me hard as a rock

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Elena Sandu 15 April 2014

Beautiful poem, good point of view, food for thought and wonders, I think love could be so much more than silence and despair. Suppose love never goes away from one's heart, then, what is life? Can love bring a lot of pain yes, but maybe through such pain we get to learn of the true beauty, true meaning of life, the freedom given by true love?

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 08 February 2022

Love is love and the name to survive lovingly and goodly

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 07 February 2022

Love has many faces. It can be can be eternal. A thought provoking poem.

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Chinedu Dike 07 February 2022

A concise and profound verse....

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Gordon Rees 16 December 2021

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M Asim Nehal 08 February 2021

Love is Relative term.

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