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Poems for Kids | 21 Popular and Funny Poem for Kids and Children

Children's poetry has its roots in early oral tradition, folk poetry, and nursery rhymes. Children's poems, one of the oldest forms of art, are suitable for all ages. Readers have always enjoyed both poems written for children and poems for adults.

Poems prepared for children with educational themes. These are available for young readers and children. It is among the materials taught in international education. The tradition of poetry, which has been included in education since primary school, supports creativity in children. The following poems are the selection for kids' love.


There Is No Frigate Like A Book Poem by Emily Dickinson

My First Memory ( Of Librarians ) Poem by Nikki Giovanni

"In the Library" by Charles Simic

"Eating Poetry" by Mark Strand

Odysseus To Telemachus Poem by Joseph Brodsky

The Weavers Poem by Linda Gregerson

The Children's Hour Poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“After Apple-Picking” by Robert Frost

Nothing Gold Can Stay Poem by Robert Frost

Fall Poem by Edward Hirsch

Blackberry Eating Poem by Galway Kinnell

Hoar-Frost Poem by Amy Lowell

Sisters Poem by Lucille Clifton

The City's Love Poem by Claude McKay

Knoxville Tennessee Poem by Nikki Giovanni

Your Catfish Friend Poem by Richard Brautigan

On Friendship by Kahlil Gibran

Hindi poem for kids

 Here, Hindi poems for kids…

बढ़े चलो (Badhe Chalo) - द्वारिकाप्रसाद माहेश्वरी

वीर तुम बढ़े चलो

धीर तुम बढ़े चलो


साथ में ध्वजा रहे

बाल दल सजा रहे

ध्वज कभी झुके नहीं

दल कभी रुके नहीं


तुम चलो तो हिंदुस्तान चले

- गुलज़ार (Gulzar)

फलक पकड़ के उठो और हवा पकड़ के चलो

तुम चलो तो हिंदुस्तान चले


लगाओ हाथ की सूरज सुबह निकला करे

हथेलियों में भरे धूप और उजाला करे

हो ... लगाओ हाथ की सूरज सुबह निकला करे

हथेलियों में भरे धूप और उजाला करे

खूब लड़ी मर्दानी वह तो झांसी वाली रानी थी

- Subhadra Kumari Chauhan


सिंहासन हिल उठे राजवंशों ने भृकुटी तानी थी

बूढ़े भारत में आई फिर से नयी जवानी थी

गुमी हुई आज़ादी की कीमत सबने पहचानी थी

दूर फिरंगी को करने की सबने मन में ठानी थी


चमक उठी सन सत्तावन में, वह तलवार पुरानी थी

बुंदेले हरबोलों के मुँह हमने सुनी कहानी थी

खूब लड़ी मर्दानी वह तो झांसी वाली रानी थी


English poems for kids

For kids, poetry has numerous positive effects. Poems are not only a wonderful tool for conveying knowledge, but kids also really like them. Reciting and memorizing poetry is a pleasant exercise you may do with your child. Let's look at some well-known, humorous, and rhyming poetry for children. We'll also go through how to choose a poem and train your child to repeat it. Here, some English poems…

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb,

Little lamb, little lamb,

Mary had a little lamb,

Its fleece was white as snow,

And every where that Mary went,

Mary went, Mary went,

Everywhere that Mary went…


Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!


Baa, Baa Black Sheep

Baa, baa, black sheep,

Have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir,

Three bags full…


How to Select Poems for Kids?

Children's learning of poetry increases their familiarity with words and sounds. It is very important to choose the poems that will nourish this feature. In addition to these, understanding the meaning of poems is necessary for child development.


Although the first poems most of us encounter are about patriotism and love; the first emotions a child needs are the love of nature, animals, friends and family.

Short Poems For Kids

It is quite easy to read and memorize short poems. Short poems are of great importance when considering the focus time of children. Also, these help children comprehend tone, pitch, volume and voice modulation when building their phonemic skills.

Here are some famous short poems for kids;

Snowball By Shel Silverstein

I made myself a snowball

As perfect as could be.

I thought I'd keep it as a pet

And let it sleep with me.

I made it some pajamas

And a pillow for its head.

Then last night it ran away,

But first it wet the bed.


The Crocodile By Lewis Carroll

How doth the little crocodile

Improve his shining tail,

And pour the waters of the Nile

On every golden scale!

How cheerfully he seems to grin,

How neatly spreads his claws,

And welcomes little fishes in,

With gently smiling jaws!


I’m a Little Teapot by George Harold Sanders

I’m a little teapot

Short and stout

Here is my handle (one hand on hip)

Here is my spout (other arm out straight)

When I get all steamed up

Hear me shout

“Tip me over

and pour me out!” (lean over toward spout)

I’m a clever teapot,

Yes, it’s true

Here let me show you

What I can do

I can change my handle

And my spout (switch arm positions)

Just tip me over and pour me out! (lean over toward spout)


Funny Poems For Kids

Funny poems focus on intriguing wordplay that is intended to make your youngster laugh. Since they are just intended to promote enjoyment, there are no moral lessons to be learned from them. A good chuckle is contagious and essential, whether it's during a school assignment or a reading class.


Here are some famous funny poems for kids

Eletelephony by Laura Elizabeth Richard

Once there was an elephant,

Who tried to use the telephant—

No! No! I mean an elephone

Who tried to use the telephone—

(Dear me! I am not certain quite

That even now I’ve got it right.)

Howe’er it was, he got his trunk

Entangled in the telephunk;

The more he tried to get it free,

The louder buzzed the telephee—

(I fear I’d better drop the song

Of elephop and telephong!)


At the Zoo by William Makepeace Thackeray

First I saw the white bear, then I saw the black;

Then I saw the camel with a hump upon his back;

Then I saw the grey wolf, with mutton in his maw;

Then I saw the wombat waddle in the straw;

Then I saw the elephant a-waving of his trunk;

Then I saw the monkeys – mercy, how unpleasantly they smelt!


The Purple Cow by Gelett Burgess

I never saw a purple cow,

I never hope to see one,

But I can tell you, anyhow,

I’d rather see than be one!


Rhyming Poems For Kids

Poems that rhyme contain a rhythmic structure, words with a similar sound, and repetition to help you remember them. Children find it simpler to learn new words because of the rhyming element. Your youngster will feel less pressure to study and will be able to enjoy the process without realizing they are learning anything new.

Here are some famous Rhyming Poems for kids -

Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne

When I was One,

I had just begun.

When I was Two,

I was nearly new.

When I was Three

I was hardly me.

When I was Four,

I was not much more.

When I was Five,

I was just alive.

But now I am Six,

I'm as clever as clever,

So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever.


A Million Little Diamonds by Mary Frances Butts

A million little diamonds

Twinkled on the trees;

And all the little children cried,

“A jewel, if you please!”

But while they held their hands outstretched

To catch the diamonds gay,

A million little sunbeams came

And stole them all away.


I’m a Little Teapot by George Harold Sanders

The forest is the town of trees

Where they live quite at their ease,

With their neighbors at their side

Just as we are in cities wide.

Writing a poem is not about bringing some words together to create some charming sentences. It's so much deeper than that. Writing poetry is a bridge that allows people to express their feelings and make others live every single word they read. Poetry is to educate people, to lead them away from hate to love, from violence to mercy and pity. Writing poetry is to help this community better understand life and live it more passionately. contains an enormous number of famous poems from all over the world, by both classical and modern poets. You can read as many as you want, and also submit your own poems to share your writings with all our poets, members, and visitors.

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