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Angel Poets

Angel Poems From Famous Poets! Angel Poems For Funerals

Angel poems often explore the themes of protection, guidance, and inspiration that are associated with angels in many religious traditions. They may also depict angels as messengers of God, bringing wisdom, love and hope to humanity. Some angel poems may also express the idea of an angel as a symbol of inner strength and guidance that comes from within. The poems may also express the idea of an angel as a reminder of the presence of a higher power or a spiritual guide.

Additionally, angel poems may also serve as a means of expressing grief and mourning for a loved one who has passed away, as angels are often seen as comforting figures that guide souls to the afterlife. They can also be used as a way to express feelings of gratitude for the blessings in one's life or as a means of seeking protection and guidance in difficult times.

In short, angel poems can have different meanings and interpretations, but they often convey the idea of protection, guidance, and inspiration. They are often used as a means of expressing spiritual feelings and beliefs.

What is Angel?

An angel is a supernatural being in various religions, typically depicted as a celestial messenger of God or a guardian of human beings. In the Bible, angels are portrayed as powerful and benevolent beings who serve God and carry out His will. They are often depicted with wings and halos, and are believed to have the ability to appear and disappear at will. In many religious traditions, angels are also believed to act as guides or protectors for individuals on Earth.

"Angel" by Edgar Allan Poe

Thou wast that all to me, love,

For which my soul did pine—

A green isle in the sea, love,

A fountain and a shrine,

All wreathed with fairy fruits and flowers,

And all the flowers were mine.

"Angels" by Rumi

Angels are like diamonds.

They can't be made, you have to find them.

Each one is perfect in its own way.

"Angels" by Maya Angelou

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

The marvel of angels is that they exist.

They are among us.

They know what we are capable of.

They believe in us more than we believe in ourselves.

Angel Poems For Friends

"Friend Like an Angel" by Unknown

You're my angel on earth,

A friend so kind and true,

You light up my life,

And make everything new.


You're there to listen,

When I need a friend,

You're my shining star,

That never seems to end.


With you by my side,

I can conquer anything,

For you're my angel on earth,

And my heart will always sing.

"Heaven Sent" by Unknown

You are my angel sent from above,

A friend like you is truly rare,

With you in my life,

I feel like I'm on a stairway to heaven,

Where love and happiness we share.


You always know just what to say,

To chase my worries and my fears away,

You are my shining light in the dark,

And I am so lucky you're here.

"Angel Friend" by Unknown

You're my angel, my guiding light,

My shining star, my shining bright,

In times of joy and times of pain,

You're always there, my friend inane.


With your kind words and gentle touch,

You make the darkness seem not so much,

You lift me up, you make me strong,

With you, my friend, I can't go wrong.


You're my guardian, my protector,

My confidante, my guide, my mentor,

I feel so blessed to have you in my life,

My angel friend, my shining light.

Angel Quotes

"We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." - Luciano De Crescenzo

"Angels are all around us, all the time, in the very air we breathe." - Eileen Elias Freeman

"Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas." - Dale Evans

"An angel at my table is less than I'd been led to expect. Wings or something." - Margaret Atwood

"Angels are like diamonds. They can't be made, you have to find them. Each one is perfect in its own way." - Rumi

"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly." - G.K. Chesterton

Angel Poems For Funerals

"A Guardian Angel" by Unknown

An angel walked beside me,

On the day that you were born,

Guiding you through all of life,

From the very first morn.


An angel watched beside you,

Through each and every day,

Guiding you and keeping you,

In its loving, gentle way.


An angel held your hand,

When you took your very last breath,

Guiding you to heaven,

To eternal life and rest.


An angel will watch over you,

As you journey through the skies,

Guiding you to heaven,

Where eternal love never dies.

"Heaven's Embrace" by Unknown


An angel came and took you,

From our arms so dear,

But in our hearts you'll always be,

So very very near.


With outstretched wings,

The angel came to take you home,

To a place where there's no pain,

And you'll never be alone.


We'll miss you every day,

But know you're in heaven's embrace,

Safe and loved forevermore,

In a more beautiful place.


"Angel's Farewell" by Unknown


An angel came and whispered,

It's time to say goodbye,

But in our hearts you'll live forever,

Till the day we too can fly.


With gentle wings and loving heart,

The angel took you by the hand,

Guiding you to heaven's gates,

To a more peaceful land.


We'll miss you every day,

But know you're in God's embrace,

Safe and loved forevermore,

In a more beautiful place.

What is the most famous line of poetry?

"To be or not to be, that is the question" is one of the most famous lines of poetry. It is the opening line of a soliloquy spoken by the character Hamlet in William Shakespeare's play "Hamlet," Act 3, Scene 1. The soliloquy is a contemplation by Hamlet on the nature of existence, the pain of living, and the uncertainty of the afterlife. The line has become one of the most recognizable and frequently quoted lines in all of English literature. It is a powerful representation of the human condition and the struggle with the meaning of life and death.

Who is the poet of the poem friends are angels?

There is no find a poem titled "Friends are Angels" by a specific poet. It seems to be an anonymous quote or a saying that is widely used. The saying "Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly" is a common quote that is widely shared. This quote is a reminder that friends are one of the greatest blessings in life, and that they can help us to overcome difficult times. It is a way to acknowledge the importance of friendship and the role of friends in our life.

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